Breath of Fresh Air™ Cold and Sinus Natural Remedy


Breath of Fresh Air™ Cold and Sinus Natural Remedy

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Use our Breath of Fresh Air™ Cold and Sinus productsfor temporary relief of coughing and aches and pains related to the common cold and allergies.

Chest Congestion Rub Directions:  Apply rub to chest and under nose to allow the vapors to open up airways. Use as needed.  Not for internal use. See your Physician if your condition worsens.

Ingredients:  Blend of Shea, Cocoa and Almond Butter infused with eucalyptus, camphor and mint.

Listing is for one 2 oz rub.

Breath of Fresh Air Sinus Soap:  Use as regular soap to provide sinus and allergy relief. Do not put in eyes or near sensitive areas.

Ingredients:  goats milk, vegetable glycerin, sodium cocoate, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, purified water, blend of essential oils.

Listing is for one 5 oz soap

Breath of Fresh Air Congestion Bath Salts:  Use in a warm tub to soothe sore achy muscles or use in shower for aromatherapy to open up sinuses.

Listing is for one 16 oz container of bath salts.  FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  DO NOT INGEST, or INJECT.  May be used in a bath tub or put into a nylon or similar bag and put in the shower for aromatherapy.

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