Sea Salt Detoxifying Soap


Sea Salt Detoxifying Soap


Our Sea Salt Detoxifying Soapis fantastic for anyone with oily or acne prone skin! Our sea salt detoxifying bars help to naturally reduce oil and acne by gently absorbing and drying your skin.  Each bar has a balsam and citrus scent.  A refreshing clean scent.


** Pink Himalayan: A more gentle scrub and drying action, for those with mild to moderate oil and acne. Gentle for the face.

** Black Hawaiian: A more coarse scrub and intense drying action, for those with moderate to heavy oil and acne. Ideal for body acne.


To use: Wet area to be cleansed with warm water, and lather bar. Apply to problematic oily areas. Rinse clean. Follow with your favorite Marina Cottage Soap Co. Nourishing Body Creme or our Age Defy Facial Moisturizer.


Ingredients:  goat's milk, vegetable glycerin, sodium cocoate, coconut oil, palm oil, sunflower oil, purified water, mica and a blend of essential oils.


Soap Bar is approx 5 oz.

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