Goats Milk Products for those with sensitive skin, like ours!

Goats Milk Products for those with sensitive skin, like ours!

What started as a labor of love for our daughter that suffers with eczema, has grown into a business helping those affected by Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin conditions.

As a Registered Nurse, I was amazed how many patients I encountered suffered with horrible skin problems and were frustrated with the lack of products on the market. I set out to create products not only for our daughter, but to help others have quality lives without the intense itching, burning,  breakouts and body image distortion that those deal with on a daily basis.  I, also felt like a failure as a mother, of a child with eczema.  I wanted to take away all the itching, burning and low self esteem that my child felt from being different.  Creating these products have helped me do just that.

Dreams do come true!

"It all started with a dream and a desire to help those with sensitive skin. As an RN, I was surrounded with those that were affected with Eczema, Psoriasis and other skin sensitivities. As a mother of a daughter with Eczema, I was disappointed with products on the market that claimed the "miracle cure" for her.  I decided to take matters into my hands and began creating products for her.  I hope our products can give your child, spouse, and the like the relief and a new lease on life that our daughter found"

From my family to yours,

Vanessa Mueller, RN, founder

Don't forget that healing takes time. Don't expect to try meditation and a new skincare line and end up with perfect skin in a week. Give yourself the gift of time and patience. The body is a complicated, miraculous system and each body processes change in its own time.”
Yancy Lael, Glowing: Soulful Skincare


How we began

Marina Cottage Soap Company™ was started in December 2012 in Ocean Springs, Mississippi by a Registered Nurse to create skin care products for  family and friends out of her kitchen. Word spread rapidly that she was creating products that actually helped those with sensitive skin. In two years, they have blossomed into a thriving retail store  and manufacturer, with products being carried by over 700 stores across the USA and into Canada.

100% Handcrafted

Our products are 100% handcrafted at our production facility in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

  1. Cruelty Free- No animal testing!
  2. Made for sensitive skin- Designed and made for all skin types, including eczema and other skin disorders.
  3. Made to order, no warehouse full of robo- produced items.
  4. Quickly Shipped- USPS Priority Flat Rate, FedEx to get you your order as quickly as possible.

We primarily make our products using goat's milk which is the same PH as our skin, and safe for those with skin sensitivities. Our products are free of chemicals, parabens, gluten, perfumes and dyes. Our products are scented using blends of essential oils and we use natural minerals and oxides (mica) to color our products.